• Music Monday

Piu Piu & Rinse France present Local Time

12552876_10153849073814812_7678510101783590035_nPiu Piu is about to release a compilation of tracks produced by the French local scene of producers. Bambounou, François X, Coni, French Fries, Romain Poncet and Piu Piu herself have a track on it! To give you a taste of it all, she recently posted another one of her soulful edits. Listen to it below and come catch her and her team play these cities!


  • Throwback Thursday

Summer in New York

2014-09-07 19.28.16

Some things are priceless like deejaying at the Standard’s rooftop just in time for sunset.04190022 Sitting on the stoop of a brownstone in Fort Greene.11209436_10153237186400491_6264805800287781502_nHanging outside with friends all day long10421344_10153237185420491_1283028249314813708_nGetting some perspective at the Empire State Building10428064_10153237187100491_3243481109169644684_n11295664_10153237184780491_5795613526060914739_nDean’s rooftop pizza parties04190008 Hanging with Nick Hook at his studio.04190004 000016 Spending your Sunday dancing to house music at MoMA PS1.000002 Sunbathing in Williamsburg.F1010034 F1010032 Staring at the night lights.F1010030 Pizza party at Roberta’sF1010028 Dropping in on Jubilee’s Mixpak show at Miss Lily’sF1010012 Pillow fights with Kilo Kish at a Boiler Room partyF1010022 Stopping by Emile Haynie’s old apartment for a bit of music wisdom.1622605_10152259905225491_919098170_nStaying with Loren in Bushwick.1157654_10151822731365491_1432733401_nGetting pizza in Queens on the way back from a DJ gig with Julio Bashmore and Hyetal.1236810_10151822730765491_602562969_nGoing to the beach at Rockaways with these two.969822_10151822732310491_1976235909_nEnding up at Mike Dean’s house for ASAP Ferg’s Boiler Room.574547_10151316303650491_1559496340_nLate night drinks with Santi and Folake at the Bowery Hotel.F1010009 F1010008 Eating tacos with your bae.F1010001 Laughing out loud at Katz’ DeliF1010003 000046 000045 Walking around Chinatown000041 Drinking Sake really late000040 000038 The City’s finest firemen enjoying ice cream on the street.000005 Running into Woodkid randomly.000042Walking around all day long in a sleevless shirt and never getting bored of New York. Take me baaaaack!!

  • Music Monday

David Bowie

Impossible to share any other music today. It was his birthday January 8th, day of the release of his ultimate album ‘Blackstar’. Not only was he a genius musician, in my eyes he was a total artist taking interest in art, fashion, literature… It felt to me like there was so much inside him he needed to express! Anyways, here are a few of his songs. The first ones I ever heard.

This one, I’m pretty sure I heard Nirvana’s cover of it first being a 90’s baby and all.

And then later, I was realllly into Placebo because I was growing up in Luxembourg like Brian Molko and this happened.

Embedded image permalinkThis morning, The Pixies had posted this class photo on Twitter. Best way to show you the influence of David Bowie on generations of musicians.

  • Funday Sunday

Miranda July

Next Friday January 15th, Miranda July is coming to Paris to promote her latest novel « The First Bad Man »  (french version « Le Premier Mechant » – ed. Flammarion). She will be giving a reading at The American Center Mona Bismarck from 7pm-9pm. Tickets available here for 10 bucks.

Miranda July is definitely one of the women we both admire Piu Piu and I! She is the kind of artist to see human poetry everywhere and she masters the art of exposing this same poetry in films. Often with a simple idea, just like in that short movie for Miu Miu where she ACTUALLY developed this new Messenger App aka Somebody App! What a beautiful way to make you re-evaluate IRL human communication! Here’s an insight into how she birthed the idea.

It’s funny because not only does she write brilliant stories, she also acts in the movies she directs. She bares all, shows you her intimate thoughts and softly provokes you to do the same even if it’s uncomfortable, awkward and absurd. That takes some intelligence and some balls!

I remember when « Future » was coming out, she accompanied the promo with another brilliant idea: you could subscribe to receive a short forecast about your Future. I have to admit, I still receive mines, haha.

Subscribe to forecasts: http://thefuturethefuture.com/oracle.php

Try the Somebody app: http://somebodyapp.com/

Follow Miranda July on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mirandajuly/

Come see her speak Friday: http://www.monabismarck.org/events/miranda-july-artist-talk


  • Food Friday

Fricote Magazine

2015-12-21 09.46.49If you don’t know it yet, Fricote Magazine is a wonderful publication for the discerning urban epicurian aka FOODIES IN CITIES!

I remember when the first issue came out (in 2008 I think) I was absolutely blown away to find out that you could actually make an entire magazine revolving around food that wasn’t just a guide of places to eat. It was a revolution for me because for the first time food was shown and discussed like it was a pop culture topic! The editors were using references that were familiar to me, they were putting Street Foods, Cheap Eats and especially Asian food forward in a way that I’d never seen before. Not only did Fricote give context to food but they also curated the images, photos and art in a youthful, playful and original way. The colours, the tone and the content everything about it was fresh to me. In my opinion this magazine contributed a lot to foodie-culture, it brought it all back to the streets, to young consumers and it helped this whole new wave of bistrot and street-food culture develop into what it is now. I just had to investigate and find out who was making it. I needed to thank them! Luckily, not very long after reading the first issue, I figured out that Julien Pham was behind it all and he turned out to be one of my friend’s older brother. That friend whom I had worked with at Independent record label distributor PIAS was none other than Celine Pham, now a World-renowned Chef! Food must just run in the « Phamily »! Fast forward to 2015, we are now a solid group of food-loving friends. In our tight group you can find Nayla and Yue, Julien and Marine, Celine and Chris (not in the photo) and Piu Piu and I. 2015-12-19 16.14.102015-12-19 13.40.55Yue’s Chinese Chicken feast: glass noodle and dried tofu salad, shiitake mushrooms and spinach orzo risotto and of course FIVE SPICES SALT AND PEPPER FRIED CHICKEN!2015-12-19 14.27.17Nayla’s dreamy buttery apple crumble. I swear to you, I can still smell it, that’s how delicious her crumble was.2015-12-19 13.41.202015-07-26 00.03.37-2 Celine hard at work, making her signature dish: A reinterpretation of Pho the Vietnamese beef broth with rice noodles that she turns into a pasta dish with beef cheek. Hands down the best thing I’ve had to eat in 2015.2015-07-26 00.19.19SO I’m telling you all this for a reason… Fricote Magazine’s latest issue came out just before Christmas, it’s bilingual so you can practice your French or read it in English. I’ll say no more than: I love this issue, it’s funny and really beautiful. Get your copy from their online shop > http://shop.fricote.fr/


  • Throwback Thursday

Les Transmusicales de Rennes

Last December I was sent to Rennes to cover the 37th edition of Les Transmusicales, a music festival that focuses on bringin new up and coming acts to France. It’s a festival I have long admired. Actually 9 years ago I was heading out there for the first time and went back every year until 2011! I discovered artists like The Willowz, Santigold, Kudu, Connan Mockasin and even SALEM (lol they were the WORST act. Also, still laughing at the genre name they generated – « witch-house »). All this meant really was that it was very very special for me to go back as a journalist AND also as a DJ. Yep that’s right, in 2015 Piu Piu and I deejayed in front of 3000 people at Transmusicales de Rennes with our act GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!!! What a trip. Check out the video to get a glimpse of it all.

  • Music Monday

Unpacking Records from Taipei

I was lucky to travel to Taipei for Christmas, visit family, eat delicious street food and dig some records of course! I brought back a bit of everything so I’ve spent my personal #MusicMonday unpacking all my local finds. Here’s what was in my bag:2016-01-03 12.17.07-2Found this rare picture disk of John Williams’ legendary soundtrack for Steven Spielberg’s E.T.! 2015-12-28 14.55.41-1 2015-12-28 14.49.02As we walked down Yongkang Street we walked pass this man sorting out the entire contents of his home and apparently looking to sell them. Our well-educated eye spotted a stash of records instantly and we found some Taiwanese pressings of Mambo, Cha-Cha, Disco covers.2016-01-04 20.16.43These two are my favourite. Mei Lun Chang’s record contains one song in particular that I was happily surprised to hear when I got home. This one song called « Bu Liao Qing » has seen my entire Chinese family – my Dad, my Aunt, my Uncle, my Grandma, sing the song. It’s our family classic! Here’s how dramatic and beautiful it sounds:

2016-01-04 20.17.02A bit whatever Disco covers but some Chinese tunes. 2016-01-04 20.18.152016-01-04 20.19.45We found some Japanese pressings of classic records. 2016-01-04 20.18.52Even a PROMO COPY of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On!!! 2016-01-04 20.19.25A Japanese oddity, erring towards musique concrete and then a real RARITY: the FIRST US PRESSING OF WAR’S HEARTBEAT (1975)!!!

We also bought a ton of techno at Species Records (basically half the store)! They get our full support for the quality electronic music they’re bringing to Taipei! While we were digging they were teaching someone how to DJ vinyl. That’s real passion!


  • Funday Sunday

Girls in the Band

Happy 2016 Everyone!!

For some reason I’ve been feeling a little cheeky and been re-listening to a lot of rock, garage and punk. I’ve always had a thing for girls’ voices and lo-fi take on rock music. Here’s a few gems I never get bored of:

And my new girl crush, the Spanish ladies of HINDS

And coming to a city near you very soon:


(no we don’t have the same graphic designer, but great minds aye :P)

  • Throwback Thursday

Piu Piu @ Boiler Room, Paris

Back in October, Boiler Room came to town to showcase the up and coming Paris scene. Piu Piu brought the vibes to a high and made everyone freak out on the dancefloor! Check her set below, put the volume up and let your hips do the rest!