• Funday Sunday

Moxie – BBC Radio 1 Residency

Wahhhheeeey! Our dear London friend DJ Moxie is just killing everything right now! Renowned for her fun eclectic club DJ sets and for delivering fresh tunes every other Wednesday on NTS Radio. Moxie returned to BBC Radio 1 last week to host her Residency show. In the show you can hear a bunch of exclusive new tracks by Tirzah and a super fresh tuuuuuune by Leon Vynehall to name a few! Hurry and listen back to it all here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b064y5th

(It’s only available for replay for 28 more days aaaah)

  • Music Monday


Battles have a new song « The Yabba » and they will be releasing a new album « La Di Da Di » on Warp Records, September 18th.

Objectively one of my favorite bands. No nostalgia in my judgement, purely factual. They are technically amazing musicians and creatively pushing boundaries since 2007! Having been a post-rock/math rock fan as a teenager when Battles first came out my brain pretty much exploded. In my world it was a SUPERGROUP: with legendary guitar player Ian Williams from Don Caballero and John Stanier – drummer for Helmet and Tomahawk, Tyondai Braxton in the the original line up would bring the experimentation further. To me it was like hearing that the Beatles were starting a band with Prince, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and Jeff Mills! (lol) This was their first hit.

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  • Music Monday


This is the latest video coming from the genius mind of multi-talented Kirikoo.
Kirikoo is a famous dancer and artist and has been producing music under the moniker NS DOS for the last year and a half, making elaborate techno beats. In this new song and video you can see the extent of his artistry as a performer, musician and also as a conceptual creator. A very intriguing piece worth its’ 14 minutes. If ever you get the chance to see one of his live performances, they are all one of a kind.

  • Music Monday


I recently had a super interesting discussion with Madsear about music, rappers, sponsoring, brand management, etc. and somehow digressed onto Bill Withers! What always struck me about Bill Withers’ career was that he started at quite a mature age (32), was self-taught and went from having a regular 9 to 5 to writing radio hits to then letting himself disappear from the limelight. What appeared to me to be a simple, humble man’s attitude towards fame and « show business » I guess.

When I mentioned this, Madsear stopped me straight: « Have you seen his documentary ‘Still Bill’?? » – this is what I’m getting at, I thought I liked Bill Withers, but in the words of Madsear « You don’t even know! I don’t want to say anymore, watch it! »
Hence, to inaugurate our Music Monday section, I thought I’d pay homage to this wise man and beautiful artist with one of his songs.
  • Food Friday


NEW YORK - March 17: Pulse - The secret, off-menu Gorgon taco at Otto's Tacos, 141 Second Avenue in Manhattan. March 17, 2014. (Photo by Gabi Porter)

Last September, Piu Piu and I went ot New York for 5 days. It was Piu Piu’s first time in the Big Apple and since she’s been allergic to gluten for over a decade, I made sure I’d have a list of gluten free small-eats options we could go to. Geeked out a ton of different sandwich spots, arepas restaurants and Gluten free pizza of course! Somehow, one of the places that really hit our soft spot was a taqueria in the middle of East Villy: Otto Tacos.

From the outside it looked a bit « whatever » but it was definitely a place that surprised us in the best possible way. Here’s the drill: their main selling point is that they prepare the taco dough with fresh ground corn meal themselves. So when you order your taco, the dough is pressed in front of you and put into the taco shape especially FOR YOU and your carnita. Super fresh everything, creamy guacamole and a waiter that could really really sing!!
Address: 2nd Ave x 9th Street, NYC.


  • Food Friday


unnamed (2)

Can’t start with a food section and not start with the basics.
I’m half taiwanese from my dad’s side. I owe 70% of what I know about food to my dad and to the food culture in Taiwan. So I’m going to dedicate this first post to him, my dad. He is such an amazing cook, making the simplest ingredients taste like heaven. There are many dishes I discovered in Taipei as a kid and there are many different small eats that have travelled the world to become super popular everywhere like Bubble tea or Boba, Taro ice cream, Mochi, black sesame deep fried balls, Gua Bao thanks to Eddie Huang sharing the culture with everyone one bao at a time, xiao long bao thanks to Din Tai Fung teaching the world the magical craft of making soup delicate soup dumplings… There is one dish that feels like going home to me and that’s the beef noodle soup: Hong xao niou rou mien also known as Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup –  dark soy sauce based broth with tender beef and curled up ramen!

It is such a popular dish that you can get many instant versions of it and most especially there is a yearly BEEF NOODLE SOUP FESTIVAL!!!
  • Throwback Thursday

July 13th 2011 – The Ritz Bar, Paris.

unnamed (1)

I can never forget the night I met Nina Las Vegas, Chris and Gina – the first Australians to adopt me like family. This photo was taken on a rainy summer night of July 2011. I was then writing/contributing for I Heart Magazine and we were celebrating the launch of issue #4 that we’d made in the South of France about the french Riviera. Last minute, the editor in chief Eleonore Klar who was my best friend, had a freak out, scared that no one would come because of the rainy weather. I was supposed to DJ a little bit at the party so I asked my boyfriend back then – DJ Mehdi – if he could invite a few of his friends along… Innocently, not realising for one second that he was going to invite all of Ed Banger, Brodinski, Solange Knowles, Humberto Leon, A-Trak and his Australian friend, DJ and radio host Nina Agzarian. The party was a huge success, the drinks were ridiculously expensive but somehow everyone was just « one one » in the famous words of Drizzy Drake.

Anyhoo, in between two records and a drink, Mehdi introduced me to Nina, Gina and Chris. Chris was on tour with his band Bag Raiders and had brought Gina along. We were going to cross paths again a few days later at Melt Festival in Berlin. Nina was telling us about her travels, the troubled times she was going through there and then and just like that I wanted to care for her, take her in and I think she did too. Even if she didn’t then, she definitely did a few months later when Mehdi passed away and she’s been my sister ever since.
Maybe I’ve romanticised it in my head, but in my memories, the love was everywhere that night. The next day wasn’t even a Friday but I remember sending out #FF shout outs on Twitter to everyone that had come to the party haha.
  • Throwback Thursday

February 28th 2012 – Paris, Social Club.


This is a picture taken at the very first Girls Girls Girls party (it was actually named « Girls Gurls Grrrls » at that time!).

Left to right: Laura Leishman & Piu Piu!
This was actually the first time I met Piu Piu in real life, in person, for real. Booked her to DJ after seeing one of her videos online, thought she was really fucking cool.
On that first line up, we were joined and MC’d by Laura Leishman who is our dear friend and amazing radio host on Le Mouv’ – aka the only relevant radio show on french national radio. Hands down.
And last but not least, Molly Hawkins was invited to join the line up – I remember she played some house tunes and wore this adorable black velvet dress. Prior to the party we had dinner together along with her husband Caius and our friend Louis Brodinski and they were telling us about the process of working with Drake, The Weeknd and being addicted to watching The Killing!
That night felt like the end of one thing for me… I remember falling into tears at the very end of the party and going back to my house with Piu Piu, Laura and Sarah Abdidabou who had been the photographer of the night to chat until early morning. Feeling the love, support and safety of fellow ladies – that’s what it should all be about.